Friday, July 30, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, the wonderful...Beau Garrett...

EYE:Having spent many an hour in the make-up chair do you feel actresses have a special relationship with their make-up artists?

BEAU:If you are lucky enough to spend enough time with a good make up artist, you definitely build a relationship with them in regards to what you want to accomplish. The best thing you can hope for as an actress is someone that is patient, has a gentle hand and helps you to get where you need to go with who you are playing.  You always want to be on the same page in regards to character and you need them to beable to read you if you need quiet time or a pick me up.  I had a lot of early mornings and long hours with Rosalina Da Silva on the set of Tron Legacy.  Her and her team were like family to me then. Good people and such talents.

EYE:From the sneak peeks we have caught of your up and coming movie TRON we catch you looking AMAZING is this super human futuristic getup with this fantastic white blond hair and heavy dark eyes, can you describe a little bit of the process for our readers? and how playing this super human techno beauty made you feel? 

BEAU:On to the Tron make-up.  Talk about patience....The whole get up took about 5 hours. Hair, make-up and suit. A lot of tedious layering and eye liner and white concealer and double lashes and black eyebrows and a blond bleached wig and tears and bobby pins and more white concealer and white spray and white powder and loads of mascara and sparkly dust and tears and patience and so so much more. When leaving the trailer for the somewhat final time before shooting I felt like the sexiest, oddest, creepiest and yet the most strangely beautiful alien in a world of normal boring humans. The look took me over.

EYE:Your beautiful face has graced REVLON billboards all over the world, what did you learn from them and finally what do you do to feel beautiful on the inside? because its not just your shimmer that makes you glow so beautifully ;)

BEAU:I spent three years as the face of Revlon and one thing I did learn from that company is the importance of inner strength. A lot of
the money Revlon cashes in every year goes to finding a cure for breast cancer and spreading awareness for early detection. I met
countless sisters and daughters and mothers and aunts and wives that have struggled with this disease once and sometimes twice.  The pride that these women carry. The strength.  The resilience.  The beauty. I learned a lot of things about what beauty is in the time I spent supporting that company.  Sometimes the things that make us feel the sexiest aren't always in our make-up bag.  I guess that brings me to what makes me feel good on the inside....good food, hiking, running on the beach with no one around, travel, kindness, quiet, laughter, my dog. All of those things make me sparkle, oh, and my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. That too. Love you Charlotte.

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