Monday, March 14, 2011

Miss Madekwe talks all that beautifies...

I caught up with my beautiful co-star Ashley Madekwe who is currently shooting in Los Angles for some serious beauty goss..

Eye: Ashley. You have the most beautiful skin I have ever seen, I think in fact it's quite possible u have been dipped in u have any favorite products we could try with perhaps a less sticky residue.....?
ASHLEY: Ohhhhhhh thank you! I used to have quite spotty skin so I try to take really good care of it now. I swear by Shu Umeura's oil cleanser. Nothing else removes my make up like it. I also love Shiseido's day moisture protection creme. Both of these products are very rich in texture but I'd rather be oily and moist then dry!

 Eye: Please share with our fellow beauties your biggest beauty NoNos ... I do recall you mentioning a few horror stories in the makeup truck! 
ASHLEY: Over plucked eyebrows. Ugh! I think I full, groomed brows frame the face better. Over plucked brows look harsh and are aging. I especially hate the tadpole/sperm shape that some women favor.

Eye: You have portrayed many beautiful women on screen from Bambi in 'Secret Diaries of a Call Girl' to Chloe in the 'Beautiful Life' and most recently Molly in 'Bedlam' -what tips have you picked up along away and what's the one item all your ladies couldn't live without....
ASHLEY:*Every make up artist will tell you to remove your makeup before you go to sleep. It's the oldest trick in the book. It's the first thing I do when I come home at night. I then slather on loads of face creme! All of my characters wear mascara (and individual lashes if I can get away with it!). Mascara is a basic female right! 

Eye: let's touch on inner beauty, which u radiate in killer watts, what rituals and mind sets do you embody to keep smiling inside and out.....
ASHLEY:I'm a very honest person. Perhaps too honest! I've found that as I get older I cannot keep they way I feel inside. If something or someone bothers me- I say something about it. Life is too short to keep negative feelings inside. I also like to do Bikram yoga. That 90 minuets of moving meditation keeps me sane. It's a time where I'm not thinking about anything other then the postures that I'm doing.

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