Monday, December 20, 2010


Oh Santa Dear Santa, 
Do be a doll and bring a girl what she needs,
all the potions and lotions,
have her brow break out in beads,
sparkles and marvels and christmas cheer.
come on santa and be a dear...

For me these fabulous tartan themed palettes from MAC conjure up images of chestnuts and roaring fires after long higland walks with strapping Gerard Butler types in muddy boots
and kilts...ahem..anyway... they are the perfect stocking filler for any girl in pursuit of a little Scottish romance... in stores and online
It seems there is a little competition in the air as NARS have there own little limited edition christmas cracker to rival MAC with a slightly more Eastern flavor, that have one wondering again of another land and in this case i cant help but see myself as a 'maiko' a Japanese dancing girl preparing in the wings of the kabuki theatre painting my lips with the precision and delicacy only achieved with this elegant lip wand...the BENTO BOX for me ticks every box.

Ellis Faas will give you the perfect party look with her winter glow set, the mascara is luscious, the lip delectable and the eye shimmer is sensational.....

A Champagne candle... need i say more? and yes its French..c'est fantastic!...EAU DE CAMPANGE CANDEL from it, light it -just don't be tempted to drink it...

 Who can resist this exquisite packaging from Dior, not to mention their to die for shades that will have you unwittingly giving smoldering eyes to Uncle Lionel on boxing day...

The smell of pine for me is the ultimate sign thats it's Christmas, so nowyou can fool all your guests into thinking your perfectly decorated Christmas tree is in fact real!...Diptyque is my favorite, it lasts for hours, creates a beautiful festive glow, and you don't even have to light it to benefit from the wonderful woodsy smell...!! avail online and in select stores  

Despite the over load of sugar and booze Clarisonic will have you glowing like the T-Total angel on top of your Christmas tree... prices start at $149 avail on line and select stores

 As a huge fan of Temptu's tempary tatoos you can imagine my elf like excitement when i discovered these wonderful white tattoos that come in a variety of festive favorite being the snow flakes...oh and by the way if you hadn't noticed, yes, I am competing with my Christmas tree this year...available at sephora and online $15.00

My biggest beauty obsession this year has been my nails, the 3week manicure that is set under a UV light has changed my life... avail at Urban Retreat  , nails inc or O.P.I to name a few, but if you fancy pumping it up over the holidays try O.P.I's black shatter top coat -it"shatters" leaving your base shinning through for an amazing "leopard" print look.

Organic, enviably stylish 'VAMP a NY' perfume by Honore des Pres is the ultimate gif for any skinny jean beauty looking for the finishing touch to her "do I know you?" look.... avail online and at spacenk and other select stores..

 And finally it just wouldn't be Christmas with out a box of the most "melt" in your mouth delicious handmade chocolates and in my opinion the best there is..mmmmmmm....visit their store in Notting hill or concession stand in Selfridges or alternatively order online....prices from £2.50

Saturday, December 4, 2010


It was the perfect day for beauty when Parisian Chic met Californian Cool.  Never has there been a more perfect match; the Parisian sophistication lightened by the sunny mentality of Californians where the immaculate and simplistic approach to beauty that all well-heeled Parisians are born with is playfully roughed up around the edges by the effortless flip-flop attired and sunkissed Angelenos. So entre vous the Detox Market, a beauty haven amongst the bustling beach bike traffic and the insane queue for a double macchiato at ‘Intelligentsia’ the only place a respectable (and deep-pocketed) hipster would sip their latte.

On walking into the Detox Market you are instantly hit with a sense of cool clam that only those from The Continent truly possess but paired with the beautiful clean lines and airy spacious floor flooded with light you know you're officially California dreamin’.
Greeting me was Parisian beauty Fanny who owns and runs the market with her brother. Her sophisticated accent will have you feeling like a fabulous wanton Goddess in seconds and a millions miles away from remotely un-glam…..
For me, though, it should simply be called “Heaven” or “Cloud 9” as that's exactly where I was as I milled around taking in all that is organic, healthy, friendly and infused with love… everything from chocolate to olive oil to tea to shampoo to preservative-free facial creams kept in cute little fridges, yes I was a very happy bunny and I even cried a little when it was time to leave…

I cooed over and brought home...

I love les carrottes by Honore Des Pres, seriously you smell like a carrot, which makes me smile and it really is surprising how good you smell!...there is something wonderfully quirky  about this 100% organic perfume line from the uber trendy packaging fit for any city slicker to their pure all-natural scent that captures the unusual, the chaotic and the beauty of New York. Olivia Giacobetti is the genius behind my new favorite smells including 'Love Coco" which coconutty yummyness is a must for the cold season ahead..

Next up RAHUA(ra-wa), a nut oil found deep in the Amazon rainforest has been used for generations by women from the Quechua-Shuar tribe keeping their manes thick and full of luster, and now the secret is out and now we can all hope to achieve Amazonian beauty...
I was not disappointed, my hair went from wrong to right, 100% organic, free of synthetics, parabens and sulfates. My hair felt strong and restored and was super shiny...I am itching to try their finishing treatment and their rahua elixir ....and then I shall be ready to take on any Amazon warrior princess....soowwaahhhh!

Odacite It doesn't get any purer than this, no toxicity, no parabens, no fragrance and absolutely no preservatives made fresh for you. Kept in the fridge until they find a new home in your bathroom cabinet,  the products last six months at room temperature... capturing the eye of Vogue, Elle, Instyle this French line of beauty has encapsulated the true essence of organic skin care, the results were immediate; I felt the difference on my skin and have never felt so clean, so hydrated and most of all so at peace.....there is nothing for your skin to argue with...nothing. 

TAZA organic stone ground chocolate
... gluten, dairy and soy free and ground with authentic Mexican stone mills instead of the commonly used steel refiners, thus minimal 
processing. The cacao bean "keeping the bean in the bar...the flavours are raw and authentic. A few favorites: 'Guajillo Chili', 'Yerba Mate' and 'Salted Almond'....if you aren't already leaping off your sofa to order a kilo of this well-wrapped rustic chocolate you will be when you hear that they have taken the 'Direct Trade Pledge' meaning that they work directly with cacao growers, exclusively with certified organic farmers and support only farms with fair humane work seriously there is nothing to stop you.....leap my friends, leap!

So if you find yourself in Los Angeles be sure to call in at the Detox Market and peruse all the goodies soaking up the California sun and European charm....