Sunday, August 22, 2010


In the words of the big man in the sky, as he was laying the rules down for Adam and Eve; "for on the day you eat of it you shall surely die''... so i guess the apples from the tree of knowledge were slightly sour to say the least...but my fellow beauties, Eve was on to something as are 'Juice Beauty" when they (in longer than 7 days I'm guessing) created the 'Green Apple Peel' for sensitive skin which MUST have been plucked from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.....because let me let you- there is no going back once you have tried this organic refining hydroxy-acid-complex-of-organic-apple-lemon-grape-raw-cane-sugar!....its Heaven or rather Eden (pre-bite) but God was right ''you will surely die" with pure pleasure as the knowledge that your skin looks luminescent floods your brain, may i add.

Results aside for a moment my favorite thing about the apple peel, is that unlike other peels i have used, it very easy to remove, there is none of this snake like shedding business where you can grantee on leaving the house you will still have an attractive piece of "skin" attached to your chin, instead you wash it off in the shower or easily in the skin and voila...scale goes on as a sheer green gel and you can see your new found glow appearing with in minuets, i have found using it once or twice a week has kept my pores pretty clear....which as i am currently working and wearing makeup for long hours is pretty life saving!

Juice beauty would definitely be welcomed into the garden of quote "Beyond what is in our Eco-Chic products, Juice Beauty is Eco Committed.  We use recycled packaging, 100% recycled paper and cardboard, 80% of our products are produced with solar power, and we only purchase ingredients from USDA certified organic farms. Juice Beauty IS the Organic Solution for the future!"

They have a whole range of products free of any nastiest in the Green Apple line, such as a body peel and apple shower moose you can pamper yourself from head to toe and after that organic ritual move over Eve and lend me your fig leaf!!

So start sining and take a bite... uk store for green apple range  or statesiders... usa store for green apple range

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let me tempt you with Temptu....

I love u Temptu, after my recent experience with their range of airbrush makeup, courtesy of the lovely Ava and Laura, it's true to say I'm an airbrushing maniac in near danger of resembling David Bowie in his Aladdin Sane phase - hey I say that like it's a bad thing but I could totally pull off a purple lighting bolt!.. Or maybe not.

After a tutorial by the lovely Laura in their hip silverlake studio, I was itching to get my hands on their magic wand... And magic, my fellow beauties it is....
Carefully we color matched, clicked in a foundation capsule similar to something one may find lying around ones spaceship and off I went..

Now close your eyes and imagine you are floating through a misty cool cloud or perhaps you're on a ski trip in the alps, on a chair lift besides John-Paul (mmmm another misty story) either way Temptu's air brush's cool mist takes you to another level as it glides on ( sorry can't get the alps out of my head) evenly distributing a fine layer of dewy foundation and when you come across a bump in the road simply pause over any blemish for complete coverage. 

Now here's where it gets really a bronze capsule wave your magic wand and like Picasso begin to shade the contours of your face, hollow out your cheeks, sun-kiss your brow, I even wafted my decollete! Next switch out for a blusher, Im in love with sheer berry, 'smile!' and ripen those apples and finally and oh so beautifully select the highlighter cap, champagne for an expensive glow, spritz those Cheekbones, collar bones and eyelids (creates a great pearlized shadow) and VOLIA! You'll have bone structure that would have Kate Moss shooting you daggers from across the room!

Their colors are divine, great tones to the foundation I particularly like natural and warm beige, although for me their blushers stole the show as boy do they LAST! With the look of a sheer wet blush, so creating the natural flush I love so much and rather than being absorbed and doing a disappearing act I was shocked to see that on returning from my shenanigans I was still flushed, well bronzed and blemish free! Ahhhhhhh poor John-Paul, there he was thinking he was the source of all my blushing...

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