Monday, July 26, 2010

BRIGHT resident makeup artiste (drum roll please) Teddie Bergman

...Dont let them know you've been up all night.....

Ok ladies!!! Here it comes….. The forbidden secrets of under eye concealer and the “how to” on eliminating those dark spots and discolorations under the eyes while creating a bright and youthful appearance. The famous Bobbie Brow says “concealer is the secrete of the universe.” Even if you only used concealer, a little cheek and lip color you are ready to go in five minutes taking with you all the appearance of stress away and ready to rock n’ roll your way out the door.

The majority of people are taught to apply a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your foundation color which is true, however before you do that there is one most important rule. Find a color corrector that has a peachy tone or bisque which is use to block out the darkness, blueness, and greenness under the eyes. Once you have color corrected then you can select your concealer color and gently tap onto the area to blend it into the skin. Another rule is to always apply a hydrating eye cream to help smooth the surface and the trick is to only use a little. Lastly, dust a little powder to help set the makeup and help it from creasing.

One of my favorite concealers is Eve Pearl. I used Eve Pearl cosmetics on my latest film “How to Grow” in which that I had the chance to work on the lovely and talented actress Charlotte Salt. Charlotte has a beautifully structured face, and like everyone has a touch of darkness under the eye. Using Eve’s popular “salmon concealer’s,” it glided along the lash line creating an even more brighten eye on Charlotte. The makeup is creamy in texture which makes it easy to work with, which is important because the skins under the eyes are extremely delicate and you don’t want there to be any pulling. 

Checkout the transforming salmon concealers at and her book 'Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery'
The last greatest tidbit is Eve Pearl has fantastic video tutorials about makeup and industry tricks.

Health, happiness, and beauty…


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