Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just a smooth operator...

"Pack it up, Pack it in, let me begin"......whurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... ahhhhhhh the sound your neighbours and loved ones will grow to love, mine are still on the fence, but you know what? I don't care because nothing or nobody can take away the new love of my life: my kitchenaid 5 speed blender. People, I know what your thinking, one word 'vitamix' but seriously at 400 dollars a pop I might as well blend up my wallet with my banana.

Relived and I might add quite impressed with myself for staying clear of the bank breaking vitamix, I did a little research and bingo, 80 dollar kitchenaid 5 speed say hello to your new home, like a serial monogamist, it was time to move on, my nesspresso machine was dumped (on top on the fridge) and my new man was given prime counter space....

The inspiration for this new found past time of smoothie making madness as apposed to my usual double long cafe macchiato habit, came from reading 'Spent' newly named with a more positive spin 'Revive' (you may have read ms patrol's rave reviews on goop) the author Dc Frank Lipman is really quite the persuasive talker, well he has converted me from a coffee for breakfast kinda girl to a smoothie blending hazard.  Doc Lipman comes from the school of thought that a smoothie can contain everything you need to set you up for the day and carry you through till lunch in one easily digestible yummy drink..and he wasn't lying, he has many great recipes but I tend to get a tad carried away and end up chucking everything in I can find that I hope will have me hopping to work singing Necro's "Who's ya daddy" that currently includes:
  • a scoop of Vibrant Health's Green Vibrance or something similar
  • a squirt of flax seed oil (make sure its organic and cold pressed)
  • 1/4 avocado (provide nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins and folic acid)
  • a scoop of protein if you like, eg hemp, whey or a raw egg
  • I like to alternate daily between avocados and bananas for my smoothie base
  • Frozen fruit or fresh, my favorites are frozen raspberries for their cancer fighting ability and great taste
  • Homemade almond milk, which can be achieved by blending up almonds and water and then pouring through a siv
  • ice 
But, without a doubt my favorite use of my blender is to make guilt free chocolate nutmilk shakes...i have one as an afternoon snack or even as dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth without having to bombard my system with sugar, dairy and caffeine...

  • 1/4 avocado
  • 1 heaped table spoon of organic raw cacao powder a mayan superfood full of magnesium, flavanols and polyphenols..don't you know!
  • homemade almond milk
  • a squirt of organic raw agave syrup
  • four ice cubes
  • sometimes if I want a real health kick I add some fresh curly kale (blend well)..the chocolate cacao taste disguises it very well! 
Please trust me on this one people, you totally get into it..I've tried juicing before but lets face it cleaning that damn thing is such a ball ache, excuse the expression, but that just about sums it up for me...Oh also Dc Frank has the most amazing shoulder de-stresser involving 2 tennis balls that changed my life, so please grab a copy of the book and open your life to a more energised existence.

So as I began "Pack it up, Pack it in, let me begin ...........jumpa round, jumpa round, jump up, jump up and get down!...jump, jump, jump!!" owwwwwww!

You can find many great recipes in Dc Lipman's book or in other smoothie books, I have all my favorites books and ingredients in my online shop..USAstore        UKstore


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  2. Way to go in cutting out the caf in favor of food! What a feat! I shall follow suit! Look forward to reading Book.

  3. Yes yes YES! Smoothies for breakfast give me so much pleasure! Instead of using ice i just freeze the banana or avocado i want to use the night before and it is soooo much creamier that way and still cold. I love using frozen mango w/ fresh mint leaves and always always always include cinnamon :))) mmmmmm. LOVE!
    To be honest i don't get what the fuss is about vitamix, i can do all this with just a simple ole stick blender if i cant be arsed to have to wash up my food processor!

    P.S. My favourite dessert? 1 frozen banana blended w/ a tsp of cocoa powder = better than ice cream, not even kiddin.... xx