Saturday, July 10, 2010


Ahhh Chanel, Chanel how very clever you are, you took quilted leather from the grannies and adorned the shoulders of the tres chic and now you've taken temporary tattoos from the pre-teens and well, made us all feel like we have to hide from our mothers.  Personally I was very excited, being a total wuss when comes to body art, I suddenly felt it would be ok if I felt like heading down to Floyd's to get my hair cut, on say, my imaginary biker bf's Harley...anyway ''les trompe-l'oeil de Chanel"..trick of the eye, facade, smoke and mirrors, blah blah, but at $75/50sterling I kind of want the real thing and not to blow my own trumpet but 'do I really want to be a walking advert for Chanel?' although I guess that can be said about carrying one of their beautiful totes and who wouldn't want that? But last I checked it was not ok to have branding aside from luxury leather goods (I mean think late 90s D&G tees) but then again this isn't the 90's, they're not knock off and they're Chanel swallows fer f***sakes!


Grazing the shelves of Sephora, like a jersey cow chewing over fresh grass, suddenly there was my answer, staring me right in the face ''Adorn" temporary tattoos by Temptu for 25 bucks for 9 design sheets containing about 5 individual!

Off out to Soho House LA later that night it was the perfect place to showcase my body art.
Cut to,
me sitting on my bathroom floor, running late, having screwed up 2 of my tattoo design sheets already in frustration; smudgy, patchy, faint you can imagine....but then slowly I started to get the hang and realised that trying to transfer the whole design sheets one handed was impossible, but the trick is to cut the designs out individually, then apply (had I watched the instruction video...)

Then, Volia! A pretty passable Koi tattoo!

The beautiful lighting in the Soho house garden was heaven sent for my tattoo's first outing, a few of my not so observant male friends asked 'when had I got it done?' (!?!!),  I even had a few of my girlfriends baffled for a second!
BUT be warned, icky guys suddenly had what they thought was the perfect opening line;
Sleazy Hollywood alpha male, "so baby, the koi, what does it symbolise in your life..?"
Moi, "ermmm, that i cant afford Chanel?"........ can buy online at My USA STORE x

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