Saturday, January 22, 2011

she said it sisley

There is a a certain 'je ne sais que' when it comes to the French, beautiful on what seems like a diet of champagne, cigarettes and croissants...or maybe its more to do with fresh oysters, farmer market greens and the unwavering demand for real top quality food....i'll defiantly guess at the latter oh and SISLEY...founded by the d'Ornano family in the seventies, a family affair over 3 generations that is still going strong in the growing world of beauty. 
January is not a good month for skin, recovering from the debauchery of December- it is exhausted, dry, greasy, puffy and possibly between the shriveled mistletoe and flat champagne..things are pretty dull....well that was until Sisley came into my life,  recommend to me by makeup artist Ginni Bogado on a recent Vanity Fair shoot, my skin couldn't thank me enough...

To begin your skin will be crying out for  Express Flower Gel hydration mask, it drenches life back into your skin reviving even the most parched of cheeks...I like to keep mine in the fridge for the ultimate cooling, de-puffing experience..!
Now that you can smile again with the youthful vigor of a child, you need to address those bags under your eyes, and low and behold Sisley has the perfect solution 'Eye contour Mask'...which will really does reduce signs of fatigue whilst strengthening the delicate eye area with a whole host of wonderful plant extracts such as Ginko Biloba and Arnica 

If your after a little more oopmf the reach for Sisley's Radiant glow express mask, the red clay works wonders performing a gentle deep cleanse, tightening your pores and leaving you purified, matified and beautified!

I know what your thinking...surely something that looks this good will surely be bad for me, well its your lucky day as this fine milled powder, available in 3 nude shades evens out skin tone, absorbs sebum all whilst hydrating and protecting...

This foundation has such a wonderful powdery smell it will have you pining for rusks and Johnson's 'no more tears shampoo' goes on like a dream and stays their..I found the beige shade a little pink for myself, so im on a quest to get my perfect shade in this delightful oil free fluid..

To get you started treat yourself to an express Sisley facial exclusive to Selfridges which is redeemable against two Sisley products! So don't morn December its all about 2011 -rejuvenate and hydrate..oh and maybe swing by that lovely french patisserie in soho on your way home...just to get into the spirit of la france 'n all...she said it Sisley...


  1. AH, fantastic. I'm desperate to find something that will r e h y d r a t e. My skin hates me so. :'(

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