Wednesday, November 24, 2010

fly by the seat of your pants

I have a kind of love hate relationship with trans Atlantic journeys, I love how it is suddenly completely acceptable to sit and stare at the tv in some kind vegetated state watching movies you would never pay to see, I hate of being served 'food' that has been reheated and drugged with preservatives to prevent the ecoil hitting ones system whilst still air borne, I love knowing that despite waking up in London ill be going to sleep in Los Angeles, I hate knowing that the oxygen is turned waaay down-making my head ache with drowsiness and my skin crawl with bacteria...I love my steps I take in preventing my new reality from becoming some sort of jet laaged nightmare where you have aged a 100 years, ache form head to toe and will not be participating in any holiday romances and not by choice......

Take notes beauties:

STEP ONE... amidst the chaos of packing finding your passport apply "Bliss triple oxygen instant        energizing mask"...Instyle's best beauty buy of 2010...its a miracle replicated their inspa treatment, which im a huge fan of and was so happy when they bottled the stuff!! It delivers oxygen into the skin brightening, refreshing with serious antioxidants and vitamin C...
    STEP TWO...i pack a little goodie bag full of health snacks for in the departure lounge and on board to avoid astronomical priced crappy food that well is just miserable....To avoid the bloat but fill the hole I opt for Rye bread with raw almond spread or goats cheese along with some raw carrots to munch...and for on board I LOVE health bars in particular...GREENS  I love their chocolate energy bars packed full of superfoods..avail online or at health food stores...also I love The Food Doctor ..basically make sure there are organic, raw, no sugar and preferable cold pressed..yummy!! 

    STEP THREE....A Homeopathic remedy for Jet lag is essential to feeling good and helping your body to adjust...take through out your journey.. I love "No Jet Lag" avail at wholefoods and online-also love Boiron's remedies widely avail and if you can't get a blend I highly recommend Arnica as it stops the body from feeling sore and achy.

    • STRETCH!!!!..Get up move around, do some yoga...yes I'm that girl!!!!
    • AVOID Caffeine all day and on board it dehydrates and doesn't allow you to nod off...
    • AVOID Alcohol- kill joy i know but that sleep deprived dehydrated headache will only get worse.
    • SLEEP...try and get 4 hrs sleep....take a homeopathic remedy to help lull you....and try to lie back not curl up into some body crunching position that will be a stiff reminder of your time in the air..

    Finally....drink water before during and after your flight...but on landing I add a little bit of magic, making my water 'wetter' and allowing for maximum absorption helping my body to recover.."energetixs ReHydration tinture" is amazing you really feel the difference and see the difference in your face...avail at major health stores..

    To adjust really try to fit in with your new time zone, change your watch immediately, eat at meal times and try to stay up and rise at a normal hour....

    There you have it....who needs to travel Upper!!!!


    1. I miss you tooooooooooo! I did some ADR yesterday and despite all our stress over clothes, hair and make up we both look lovely :)

      Can't wait to see you, hurry back!


    2. these are some grea tips - i hate flying in general! last trip to LA left me bpred as hell! xxx