Friday, October 29, 2010

Going Dutch..

photo terry richards

The Netherlands, the mystical flat land that brought us Dutch pancakes, clogs, tulips, grolsch beer, real life sexpot-milkmaid 'Lara Stone' oh and not to mention this season most rocking hair my co-star Ms Madekwe calls it "the sexy Heidi"...but I'm most excited about the latest thing to come out of Amsterdam, let me introduce you, my beauties to fellow beauty "ELLIS FAAS"...renowned make-up artist throughout the Netherlands, she has created her own line that has at last hit the Uk like a blot of lighting, available at Liberties of London and online.

This wonderful makeup range, shining so beautifully in its bullet like packaging-which not only makes for easy application but its so compact and easy to travel with especially when slotted into her perfectly designer goodbye to the messy make-up bag caked in powder and Kohl liner and hello to the super sleek beauty case of the future, it holds everything from your foundation, to concealer, to eye shadow, to liner, to your mascara and a sneaky powder concealed in the's genius and if you fill the holder with products you receive it for free...bonus!

But lets talk about the product, in no way does this line rely on its fancy pants packaging to do the talking....
The concept behind the line, which by the way is free of any nastiest and mixed with botanical oils and is completely non-comedogenic, is that it is based on the colours that naturally occur in every human body, from her shade of foundations to lip colours to her eye shimmers, and this is by no means limiting, quite the opposite, her eyes shadows range from the palest lilacs, to the deepest greens and her lip colours are out of this world and miraculously every shade suits all, it may not be to your taste but i grantee it will suit you, her signature red lip is the colour of blood (avail in 3 finishes creamy, milky and glazed) as gruesome as that may sound it is truly amazing- it is the perfect red for the palest red heads to the darkest skin tones...
Her foundations or should I say "skin veils" blend like nothing I've ever witnessed not too pink not too sallow, just perfect....
Faas's eye shadows are gorgeous and come in different finishes creamy, milky and light...

So ladies please 'Go Dutch', and with the money you save treat your self to a little 'Ellis Faas'

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  1. I used to do my hair like that when I was little!! Except I never look so sexy! ;)